Introducing Clinify

Introducing Clinify

Working closely with medical practices, I witnessed first hand the challenges that clinics face in providing a great patient experience.

When I tried booking an appointment online, I noticed that existing systems are cumbersome and confusing for patients, requiring account setups and too many steps just to book an appointment.

High-profile clinics complained about the lack of flexibility in existing systems, and annoying pricing models like charging a fee for "new" patients.

With my background in building software, I knew there had to be a better way. So we built Clinify. A simple, flexible, and affordable online booking platform for medical practices.

Easier bookings for patients

At Clinify, we’ve stripped the process down to its essentials:

  1. No tedious account setup. We only collect the bare minimum amount of information necessary for making an appointment. Privacy friendly and super easy.
  2. Quick SMS Verification. A simple, one-time code to your phone secures your booking and keeps things spam-free.
  3. Mobile first. Our web based platform is a click away on any device, optimized especially for your phone.

Tailored for your clinic

We understand each clinic's unique needs. That's why we’ve focused on flexibility and seamless integration:

  1. Secure Integration. We integrate with your practice management software (starting with Pracsoft). Appointments booked online pop up right where your staff can see them.
  2. Insightful Dashboard. Manage practitioners, delve into analytics, and understand your patients better.
  3. Fair Pricing. We believe in transparent, straightforward pricing – no extra charges for new patients.

Patient engagement!

We believe in the power of patient engagement. That's why we're growing our arsenal of features to help you stay connected with your patients:

  • Patient portal. A dead simple UI for patients to see upcoming appointments and cancel them on their own if needed.
  • Automated Reminders. Reduce no-shows with automated SMS reminders the day of an appointment.
  • Private Feedback Collection. Gather feedback from patients to improve your practice and get more google reviews!
  • Patient recalls. Automatic patient recalls sent via SMS or email, driven by the recalls you already have in your practice management software.

Join us

At Clinify, we're committed to being your partner in making healthcare more accessible and efficient. We listen, adapt, and work with you to tailor solutions to your specific needs.

Ready for a change? Contact us or sign up today to start simplifying healthcare appointments. Let's make it easier, together.

Ready to take the leap?

We are with you every step of the way. Our team will help you get started and answer any questions you have.