Clinify - AI Privacy

Discover Clinify's rigorous approach to safeguarding your healthcare data. Our updated AI Privacy Page outlines the measures we take to protect your privacy and ensure the confidentiality of your health information.


At Clinify (ACN: 662 751 920), we prioritize your privacy in healthcare. We're dedicated to safeguarding your data with the utmost security while offering the innovative AI Progress Notes feature to enhance your healthcare experience.

Data handling

  1. Recording and Transcription: Your encrypted conversation with the doctor is securely and immediately transformed into text by our AI, using a major cloud provider in the United States. This step is stateless, which means that no audio data is ever stored at any point.

  2. Processing and Encryption: The transcription of your conversation is never stored. Our AI language models immediately analyse the transcription to generate detailed and accurate medical notes for your doctor. We add an extra layer of encryption and temporarily save them in our secure Australian database.

  3. Temporary Storage: We keep the progress note only until your doctor finalizes it in their system, but no longer than 24 hours. Afterwards, it's permanently deleted, leaving no record of your personal health information.

Our privacy promises

  • Robust Data Encryption: We safeguard your information with AES encryption, the same advanced standard trusted by banks worldwide. This encryption secures your data both during transmission (in transit) and when stored (at rest), ensuring that only authorized individuals can access it. Even in the unlikely event of physical access to our Australian data centers, your data remains unreadable and secure.

  • Application-Level Encryption: Beyond standard practices, we implement additional application-level encryption for progress notes within our database. This extra security layer fortifies data protection, rendering your information inaccessible, even if our database were compromised.

  • Transparent and Secure Infrastructure: We utilize Azure's infrastructure in the United States for AI processing with full transparency. Our commitment to data security is ongoing, and we're actively working to transition all operations to Australia, leveraging local infrastructure to further bolster data protection.

  • Assured Data Deletion: Clinify is committed to not storing your health data indefinitely. Once a progress note is successfully saved to your doctor's system, it is permanently deleted from our servers, ensuring no long-term data retention.

  • Data Storage and Protection: Any data stored within our system resides in our Australian-based database, which is equipped with default encryption at rest. This, combined with our application-level encryption, provides a comprehensive shield for your personal health information, maintaining its confidentiality and integrity.

Rigorous Access Controls

At Clinify, we enforce stringent access controls to ensure the privacy and security of your health data.

  • Doctor-Exclusive Access: The core of our access control policy is that only your healthcare provider has access to your clinical notes generated by our AI Progress Notes feature. This ensures a secure and confidential channel between the clinical documentation and your doctor, maintaining the privacy and integrity of your health information.


Your trust is vital to Clinify. We are committed to improving your healthcare experience with our technology and to handling your personal information with the utmost care and respect. Should you have any questions about our data privacy practices, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at