Online bookings for MedicalDirector Pracsoft

Online bookings for MedicalDirector Pracsoft

In today's digital age, your medical practice needs a booking system that simplifies the appointment process for both patients and staff. Clinify offers an online booking solution designed to integrate seamlessly with MedicalDirector Pracsoft, making it easier than ever to manage appointments, improve patient satisfaction, and streamline your practice's operations.

With Clinify's user-friendly interface, your patients can book appointments online with ease, regardless of their age or language. We've worked closely with clinics and helped double the amount of online bookings they've recieved.

Our goal is to reduce the time your staff spends on the phone, allowing them to focus on providing exceptional care. To help achieve that we've introduced additional tools like automated recalls, helping you keep your patients engaged and on track with their healthcare.

Seamless Integration, Real Results

Our Appointment Connector software is designed for secure, smooth operation within your Pracsoft server environment. This tool connects Clinify with Pracsoft, ensuring your appointment schedules are always synchronized.

Getting started is simple:

  1. Sign up for Clinify and set up your clinic profile.
  2. Generate your unique authorization token.
  3. Install the Appointment Connector on your Pracsoft server.
  4. Begin receiving online bookings and see the benefits for your practice.

We're Here to Help

If you're not comfortable with the technical setup, our team is ready to assist you. Simply contact us, and we'll guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth transition to online booking.

The Benefits of Clinify

Clinify is more than just an online booking system. It's a tool designed to help your practice succeed by:

  • Simplifying Bookings: Our user-friendly UI makes it easy for patients of all ages and backgrounds to book appointments online.
  • Improving Efficiency: Automate booking tasks and reduce no-shows with automated reminders and SMS notifications.
  • Facilitating Growth: Attract new patients with an online presence and 24/7 booking.
  • Streamlining Recalls: Automate patient recalls, ensuring your patients stay on top of their health.

Modernize Your Practice's Operations

Bring your practice into the digital age with Clinify and Pracsoft. This powerful, integrated booking solution streamlines operations, improves patient satisfaction, and sets your practice up for long-term success.

Sign up today and experience the difference Clinify can make for your practice.

Ready to Simplify Your Practice?

Our team is here to help you get set up quickly and answer any questions you may have along the way.