Greenacre Medical Centre

Greenacre Medical Centre

As the founder of Clinify, I've had the opportunity to work closely with our first client, Greenacre Medical Centre, to create a solution that would meet their specific needs in online booking. Our journey together highlights the importance of listening to clients and adapting technology to suit their unique requirements.

The need for a change

Greenacre Medical Centre was struggling with committing to their previous online booking system due to its high costs, especially the fees charged for new patient registrations. As a medical practice focused on growth and accessibility, this pricing model was unsustainable for them.

A tailored solution

In response, I proposed a bespoke solution with Clinify. We aimed to create a platform that was not only cost-effective but also offered a superior user experience compared to the competition. Our focus was on making the system intuitive and user-friendly for both patients and the clinic's staff.

Turning it into a product

What started off as a custom-built solution for Greenacre Medical Centre soon evolved into a more refined platform. This shift was crucial as it allowed us to streamline our process, making it easier to onboard new clients while maintaining the flexibility to meet individual clinic needs.

The results

The introduction of Clinify at Greenacre Medical Centre has been a success. We've seen a noticeable improvement in their booking process, with positive feedback from both staff and patients. The elimination of extra charges for new patients was particularly well-received, aligning with the clinic's growth objectives. The clinic has also seen an increase in online bookings, with some doctors that were previously hesitant to use online booking now fully on board.

Looking Forward

This experience with Greenacre Medical Centre has been invaluable. It's shaped how we approach product development at Clinify, ensuring that we remain client-focused and adaptable. As we look to the future, our goal is to continue refining our platform, making online booking easier and more efficient for medical clinics.